Tuesday, March 13

In today's podcast, I preview the first day of the 2018 CCCC Convention. To get ready, today’s episode will includes conversations with folks leading the new additions to the convention this year, which include the all-convention event, the Scholars for the Dream Lounge, and the Remote Accessibility Pilot.

Today's conversations include discussions with:

Dr. Asao B. Inoue, Program Chair, 2018 CCCC Convention

Dr. Rhea Estelle Lathan, Chair, Scholars for the Dream Award

Dr. Gregory Zobel (GZ), Remote Accessibility Pilot

Dr. Christiane Donahue, co-founder of the International Researchers' Consortium

Links mentioned in the podcast include

Remote Accessibility Pilot Registration: https://secure.ncte.org/store/wbr

International Researchers' Consortium Wiki: http://compfaqs.org/CompFAQsInternational/2018CCCCWorkshopOnInternationalResearch

Music in today's episode includes:
Thiaz Itch - "Mode Bartok"
Krestovsky - "Yonah"
Real Vocal String Quartet - "Kothbiro"
Thiaz Itch - "Etude No. 3 - II (Locrien)"
William Ross Chernoff's Nomads - "Ahmad"
Digital Primitives - "No Holiday"

Transcript available at: